Costs Savings, Power Efficiency and Electrical Problem Solving are 3 of the Key reasons why Commercial and Industrial companies choose One Source as their complete Contracting provider

Servicing QLD and NSW our Highly Qualified Electrical team can take care of all your Electrical Services and maintenance requirements. Our electricians are fully trained and are up to date with all current code requirements and follow strict safety guidelines. We coordinate all facets of our customers electrical requirements within the context of their project specifications.

If you require more than a reliable Electrical Contractor and would love to save time, money and headaches on managing multiple Trade Contractors; We can take care of it all from Electrical, Solar, Fire Protection and Plumbing … Working on our clients behalf we take away the headaches and manage all your Commercial Trade requirements, on time, on budget and under One Team

Whatever the scope of the project – service calls, large projects, or ongoing scheduled maintenance – our professional team provides 24/7 emergency service availability and fast response times. Our quality and dependability are backed by ESA registration.

Breakdown and Maintenance Service

One Source Commercial Team understands the importance of getting our customers back up and running. We offer a reliable and responsive breakdown service with our skilled technicians ready to assist with tripped circuits, loss of power, lighting faults, faulty machinery, motor and pump faults, overloaded circuits and other electrical faults. We strive to have your business up and running as soon as possible.

We also offer preventative maintenance services such as inspections, routine servicing and thermal imaging.

Services include

Power drops and emergency power systems

Building Lighting Systems

Custom panel design and build

Energy management retrofits

PLC Wiring and Troubleshooting

Process Electrical Installations

Variable Frequency Drives

Commercial and industrial wiring

Industrial, electrical and electronic installation and diagnostics

Security systems and fire alarms

Sub Station and High Voltage Installations

Machinery and Equipment Wiring

Service Installations

 Commercial Solar

Cost Saving and Environmental Benefits are just two Key Reasons for installing a Commercial Grade Solar Energy System.

With Electricity prices increasing over recent years, installing Commercial Solar Power has seen significant cost reductions over the equivalent time frame. Making it a Perfect Time to consider the benefits of Commercial Solar on your business or property.

Using a commercial PV system allows your company to generate electricity straight from the sun, at a lower cost than if you were to purchase from the grid.

If paying more than around 15c/kWh for daytime electricity usage, a system that is fitted to your daytime load will ‘pay you back’ somewhere between 5-7 years, after which time, the electricity you generate is essentially free.

There are also alternatives to outright purchase. For instance, we also offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and solar leasing.

One Source Contractors can supply, install and service your new Commercial Solar System along with offering a complete Commercial Service offering including Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection.

Your organisation can even benefit from solar with zero capital outlay.

As solar panels have a serviceable life that lasts decades, this can translate to huge reductions in your operating costs.

Create extra revenue by trading your plant’s excess power back to your building’s tenants or to energy retailers.

There are also government grants, solar rebates, and tax breaks available that we connect you with.

Improve the value of your building assets by raising your NABERs / GreenStar rating.

Environmental benefits

By investing in Commercial Solar Power your company can generate clean and green energy for years in to the future.

Solar panels used by One Source Contractors include:

GridEdge, sodium nickel chloride technology

Tesla, the very most popular choice of on-grid battery storage

Redflow, flow batteries technology

And many more options to discuss via our Quoting process

The advantages of these products not only are proven by their efficiency, also have a low embodied energy, meaning that the environmental impact of their production is minimal.

Solar power is a natural choice for businesses that take social responsibility seriously as it offers a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment.

One Source Contractors works with clients to find the best deal on all Commercial property requirements including Commercial Solar Power Systems

The One Source Commercial Team works with customers across Queensland and New South Wales and help to develop complete Systems that will reduce costs, time and headaches from working with multiple providers.

Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms across QLD/NSW, the One Source Commercial Team works with clients to develop Commercial Solar Power Systemsthat reflect their specific requirements, energy usage and budget.

By analysing your businesses energy profile, location & site variables and understanding your financial goals, One Source Commercial Teamcan calibrate the best power solution for your needs.

Why use One Source Contractors for your Commercial Solar Power project?

Our Solar Installers have extensive experience with all kinds of Commercial Installations, from simple single building solutions to more complex industrial use works.

One Source Commercial Team can also manage your Commercial Fire Systems, Commercial Plumbing Systems and Commercial Electrical Systems. We are the One Solution partner that helps clients reduce costs, saving time and take away the hassles of managing multiple contract relationships.

Our Solar Installers have extensive experience with all kinds of Commercial Installations, from simple single building solutions to more complex industrial use works.

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We work for your benefit and focus is on Sourcing the Best Value Energy Solution for your requirements, energy usage and budget.

Our Team is comprised of Qualified and Experienced Electricians who are accredited to install Commercial Grade Solar Systems.

We utilise a network of Independent Solar Suppliers across QLD and NSW enabling us to scale to the needs of any Commercial Solar Energy installation.