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Fire extinguisher service in Brisbane

Fire extinguishers are so important for a building that you can’t take liberty while making a choice to buy one. A fire extinguisher should be faultless and flawless and it must swing into action the moment it is switched on. If you have made a wrong choice in the selection of fire extinguisher it will not give you another chance to rectify your mistake. The fire would not wait and would surely take its toll by the time.

We give our services for fire extinguishers in Brisbane. Along with it, we provide extinguisher testing service too for that we are popular. Every business every household and commercial building need fire extinguishers that are functional and can be kick-started into action without wasting a single moment at the time of emergency. Whether you own a business or manage one, you are required to get an adequate fire protection system installed by all means. It is more important than anything and also the working of the already installed system must be checked randomly so that it does not refuse to act when it is called upon to. Any laxity in this direction will prove heavy in the long run.

At One Source Contractors, we undertake the testing of fire extinguishers and their inspection as per the AS 1851:2012 standard as the regular service of fire protection systems and the allied equipment. We put up a service-tag to the equipment after service and provide a log-book of the results after having duly verified each and every part of the equipment. Along with it, we will also give you the re-test date, i.e. the next date your equipment is going to be checked again, and we will also give a free reminder service to help you stay confident with your compliance requirements.

Why choose One Source Contractors Fire Safety Services Brisbane?

One Source Contractors is as popular as can be in Brisbane since we are a dedicated group of professionals in the trade. We are dedicated to our job and we work as a mission. One Source Contractors understand that fire can be wildly devastating to man and environment so we leave no stone unturned to do our service perfectly. Having worked for so long a time in the inspection and testing services of fire safety equipment we also aim side by side to spread awareness among people across the nation.

For the fire safety services, Brisbane contacts us today.

What are the Benefits of Fire Extinguishers?

Fire is a slave as long as it is under control but it turns out to be the most annihilating when out of control. Incidents of accidental fire keep taking place from time to time where a lot of life and property is lost. But the incidents of accidental fire can be stopped with the help of One Source Contractors.

A little spark of fire can explode into huge flames so quickly that they give little time to think what to do and in the twinkling of an eye they engulf everything. So a simple fire extinguishing system can’t be trusted upon. Therefore we must be prepared with the latest techniques to fight the menace of fire. One Source Contractors can deliver the best service in fire safety types of equipment.

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