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Fire extinguisher service Brisbane

The accidental fire, breaking out anywhere, has always been known to be devastating, destructive and disastrous. As it happens to be accidental it can take place anytime and anywhere if preventive steps are not already there in a place where potential danger exists. It is a well-known fact that even a tiny spark can ignite a huge fire. Once getting out of control fire can cause irreparable loss to life and property. Therefore, One Source Contractors provide direct access to industry-leading engineering and technical specialists covering all aspects of fire protection and other building services. 

One Source Contractors takes pride to be at the top in fire-fighting appliances as well as furnishing preventive measures in prospective fire accidents.

However, it is obligatory that each and every citizen of this country, as also those who come as visitors, must be alert of an accidental fire and co-operate in case of fighting a fire. This is not a mere obligation but it is strictly policed and a heavy fine can be imposed for non-compliance.

One Source Contractors is an independent body committed to fire-safety compliance anytime and in providing the first-rate service along the length and breadth all across Brisbane. Not only giving fire-fighting service we are capable of guiding how to install preventive equipment to fight a fire.

The joint teams at One Source Contractors which are higher at home in their respective trade and technical skills always work with dedication and passion to deliver the best service. Our fire safety protection products are unquestionably of the highest quality and time-tested ones. Therefore our clients can fully depend on us as one and only one reliable place to be contacted for all kinds of fire fighting work whether physically, or for seeking technical advice as also for general inquiries.

Why choosing One Source Contractors? Commercial fire protection company Brisbane

One Source Contractors is a famous name in Brisbane having teams of specialists in various firefighting fields like installing fire protection types of equipment, their services, maintenance and fire alarm system provider . Our services are rendered everywhere in commercial buildings, industrial houses and residential places all over south east Queensland.

We are potentially strong in manpower and in equipment to take up a project of any dimension, no matter big or small. Our teams work under highly watchful eyes of expert supervisors to give out the best to our clients. Our technicians along with the staff are duly license-holders; they are knowledgeable in their respective work; they are highly experienced and above all friendly to work with. They will work in accordance with you for taking on any fire system requirements you may have.

A Wide Range of Fire Extinguisher Service in Brisbane

Fire Extinguisher Service in Brisbane for your fire safety equipment whether they are put at the domestic locations or at the commercial or at the workplace needs regular maintenance so that they can be swung into action at the word ‘GO’.  Any laxity in this regard will prove to be costly. Our company offers a wide range of solutions for your fire fighting equipment at the workplace, be it the regular check-up and service of the instruments or the training the staff to fight fire in emergency situations.

We are a full-service contractor offering Fire Protection Systems Design, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Warranty, Project Management, Ongoing Inspection, Fire alarm system provider, Testing and Safety Measures and Maintenance. 

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Deluge / Pre-action Systems

Water Mist and Water Spray Systems

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Gaseous Suppression Systems (e.g. FM-200, Co2, FE-13, Argonite, and Inergen)

Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Smoke Control Systems

Flame & Gas Detection

EWIS Evacuation Systems

Emergency and Exit Lights

Special Hazard Applications (e.g. Industrial explosive environments, Kitchen Hood suppression, Dry Chemical Suppression)

Portable Extinguishers and Equipment

What is our approach?

 We are the largest group of operators working in One Source Contractors. Over the years our reputation has multiplied manifold in fire safety systems as experts only because of our sincere work and dedication.

We have teams of committed workers. We take good care of each of our clients that too at competitive rates.

As one of the leading fire safety protection companies, One Source Contractors aim to provide fire system maintenance across Brisbane along with other fire services. We have a fairly wide range of quality fire safety protection products which are significant to assist in fire detection and suppression.

Fire extinguisher service in Brisbane

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