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Fire protection company Brisbane

Fire protection company Brisbane it is in our own interest to equip our workplace, house building or any commercial house with the most trusted fire protection measures. It is required not only for self-safety but also by the law itself. If your need is to get reliable fire protection installed we can provide services in Brisbane, One Source Contractors. We have a well-placed management system and solution for each and every need of yours.

A Wide Range of Fire Services in Brisbane

One Source Contractors offer a wide range of solutions right from the regular maintenance of fire safety equipment to make people aware of the consequences of the sudden eruption of fire. It is imperative that we must be vigilant against sudden fire. Our company offers a range of solutions for your workplace. Our teams of skillful professionals are ready to undertake the following measures at your premises:

Extinguishers & Fire Hose Reels – Our teams of fire protection experts have the right equipment to install at your place. In addition to installation, we also offer regular service of the equipment and inspection to ensure perfect working.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

We provide installation, inspection and maintenance of emergency and exit lights. We can perform audit tests to check for compliance. We also issue Form 16 certification.

 Fire Hydrants – We offer a comprehensive maintenance program for fire hydrants in your building. In case your business requires insurance policy approvals, we can conduct annual flow tests in the presence of insurance companies.

Fire Alarm & Warning Systems – Regular maintenance of your fire detection alarm systems (monthly, 6-monthly or annually) to ensure efficient use during emergencies.

Sprinkler Systems – Monthly, 6-monthly and yearly servicing of your sprinkler systems in compliance with AS 1851-2012 Section 2.


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