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Fire sprinkler system installer

One Source Contractors is glad to declare that our field technicians are simply the best who have got the experience to work with perfection Fire sprinkler system installer. They are duly certified to provide swift, efficient installation of your fire sprinkler system. It is imperative for us to test each of your fire sprinkler systems carefully. Your satisfaction and safety have always been our priority and our motto.

At One Source Contractors, all of our teams work in coordination with each other. For instance, our design and installation teams work in tandem with all others to find out the best routing and installation procedures. We make use of 3D modeling techniques to eliminate interference so that highly successful installation is done.

Our field technicians can install piping in an open warehouse or above a ceiling in an office building. Wherever they work they work with zeal and dedication.

Building retrofits are available for rapid installation and can be used in installation throughout the building while the business operates with the least amount of interruption possible.

Fire Sprinkler Installations are completed in several phases:

  • Pre-Installation Meeting

◦     Review fire sprinkler blueprints.

◦     Review any special materials to be used.

◦     Schedule of items and tasks to be completed.

  • Delivery of Fire Sprinkler Material

◦     Deliver pipe and material to a predetermined area for storage and inspection.

  • A layout of Fire Sprinkler System

◦     Sprinkler Heads

◦     Control Valves

◦     Check Valves

◦     Pressure Gauges

◦     Main Drain

◦     Alarms

◦     Inspectors Test Valve

◦     Calculation Plate

◦     Hangers

◦     Mains

◦     Branch Lines

  • Installation of Fire Sprinkler System

◦     Accomplished by experienced, craftsman-certified sprinkler fitters trained to operate at the highest caliber of quality and safety

  • Completion of Fire Sprinkler System

◦     Hydrostatic Testing

◦     Completion of As-Builts

◦     Final Inspection

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